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By Terence Doyle / Amesbury News

Amesbury, Mass. — To the casual observer, putting pen to paper to write a book might appear to be categorically different from putting feet to earth to climb a mountain. These two ostensibly disparate things are, however, inextricably linked for Amesbury native Mike Dodier. That’s because Dodier, vice president of sales for Rhode Island-based OCR Services Inc., is more than just your typical corporate suit. In fact, he once was a personal trainer and a Tai-Chi instructor. He climbs mountains. Oh, and he’s been a competitive power lifter for the past 35 years, too. Which brings us to his latest challenge: writing a book (Live Your Way Fit: Develop an Attitude of Gratitude)... Read The Full News..

Local Writer Featured At Symposium Books

East Greenwich resident, Mike Dodier, has published a book "Live Your Way Fit" to offer insight on the mind's and body's role in self-improvement. "It helps change the way you see your life," he said at a book signing on Saturday at Symposium Books. "It's a motivational book that works on the mind and body together on re-setting habits - not only for fitness, but for business or other aspects of your life." The book is currently only available at Symposium Books in paperback or hard cover... Read The News..

Muscle Prodigy - Interview with Mike Dodier

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