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Live Your Way Fit
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Living your way fit isn’t about having the perfect body. It is about enjoying your life in the body that you have.

Dieting to lose weight hardly ever works. It may work in the short term but over time the weight most people lose comes back. In some cases they gain back even more than they initially lost. It may be true that the average American is getting fatter and there are statistics that indicate that obesity causes illness. Research has shown, however, that poor health has more to do with being sedentary than being overweight. When thinking about health, we must take into account physical activity.
I know some pretty big (overweight) people who play softball, basketball, football, and hockey for example and their health test results indicate that they are healthier than skinny people who sit around and have no physical activity.

The conclusion is that when researchers look at BMI (Body Mass Index) and associate this with levels of physical activity; the correlation between poor health and weight gain gets much smaller. Sure, we all want to look amazing and feel our best. My advice is to quit obsessing about your weight and just go out and play. Love yourself and take care of that person you love! Success in any endeavor is about one thing and one thing only: ACTIVITY.