Live Your Way Fit Generate an attitude of gratitude
We are in a constant struggle of social, political and economic pressure with people trying to tell us how to look, eat, think, and feel. LIVE YOUR WAY FIT presents a guide to help you make your own conscious choice. Create your own dream and vision. That is how you get your personal power back. Be aware and choose for yourself. That is how you will have a more fulfi lling life. To become positive and develop self-esteem, every one of us should have a life plan that includes a fitness regimen and a vision of what we want to do with our life. A fitness plan includes an exercise routine, diet program, and life goal. Your goal might be to improve your health and fi tness, create a company, raise a wonderful child, graduate from college, or help someone get elected to public office. Whatever the goal, you will have greater success if you are healthy, fit, organized, and positive.

With over thirty-five years of business and fitness experience, Mike Dodier presents an easy to follow guide that will help you to create an attitude of gratitude. He is a business executive, fitness consultant, Tai-Chi teacher, and entrepreneur. This treasure trove of information combines business and fi tness knowledge, along with the stories of those who accomplished success under his guidance. Mike explains how he kicked his own addiction to sugar, advanced from computer engineer to sales executive, created a software company in New York City and took it public. This book will guide you to the development of mind, body, and spirit and place you on a path of improved health and self-discovery
Live Your Way Fit