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About Us
Mike Dodier is a fitness trainer and teacher of Tai-Chi with over 35 years of experience. He was recently involved in a one year research project with medical professionals to understand the impact that fitness training and internal energy development has on recovery and self esteem with teenagers undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.

Mike developed a program called "Father Son Training" that teaches the principals of fitness to parents who will take on the responsibility of training their son or daughter. He developed this program in a three year study of training with his own children. His son Jason put on over 60 pounds of muscle mass and made incredible strength gains in three years. This proven method of natural development created a large demand for his training and nutrition program.
Mike trained in various martial arts. His desire to understand the development of internal power led to his training with over 15 years of Tai-Chi. Mike trained with several Eastern martial arts masters and for a period of time with Yang Master

Gin Soon Chu and his sons Vincent and Gordon in Boston.

Mike won numerous power lifting contests and follows a natural program of whole foods. He does not believe in the use of steroids and other drugs for muscular and strength development. His knowledge of strength, fitness, muscular development, and nutrition continues to expand and centers on the principals of intense muscular contraction and power breathing. His desire to share his vast knowledge and love of fitness is the basis for this site. He will share his secrets for anti-ageing.

Mike promotes the training techniques of the following masters:

These men were all in the pursuit of maximum natural strength. If you ask him who possessed the ultimate physique he would hands down promote Frank Zane.